Recently i was getting some weirdo kind of dreams .I was totally unable to find the causes of my dream.why this dream today why not some other dream.Why this dream today only.Is there some one else who is getting the same dream as mine.Is there any connection between your dream and you.Do Dream comes true .What if your dream really come true.I am not talking about your dream that you aspire or what you want to do or want to become.I am talking about just random dream you saw late night.What is the duration of this dream.Its seems like we have such a long dream but is it really that long.Why we don’t or hardly remember the dream we saw.Some people claim about premonition.From where they get the feeling.I am no expert on the dreams but would like to share my point of view on dreams.
When I was a child i was a strong believer of my dreams .I used to believe that what ever i saw in dream will come true one day or other.It was not a sudden believe of a small kid but it was the understand that he got with the experience.On Random day ,on random he gets the feeling that whatever is happening has already happen somewhere.Sometime it has happen in reality with same set of situation and same set of people or it has happen in dreams or it has happen in some parallel universe.
The concept of “DEJA VU” seems real.I dint know what is true or what is not.Its same old thing for me.What i believe it is not worthless.Its a part of life.Its a segment of life that is trap in your unconscious mind.Everyday we wake from sleep work and again go to sleep .Everyday a new dream.Its irony that dreams are so major part of our day to day life but still we dont know anything about of it.
Study reveals that dreams are very important for our survival.They are important for mental peace.They decide our mood.They keep us alive.If we see a good dream ,we are happy next but if its something horrible its ruin our day.What ever it is,Its an important part of life.People are advised to have some dreams.So keep dreaming

Please feel free to comment your views or any dream you want to share 🙂